Our Sourcing RPO is aimed at augmenting the current sourcing capacity of clients with a focus on enhancing sourcing efficiency in terms of throughput and talent reach. Our model is geared to build a healthy talent pipeline with a mix of active and passive candidates across the skill areas. We help build agile and responsive structure, with on-demand scaleup – scale down of sourcing capacity to help our clients stay ahead of the game at all times.

Our differentiation lies in our outcome-driven approach that brings together best-in-class technology, people and sourcing best practices to significantly enhance the sourcing capability of our client organizations.

Softinfo Sourcing Engine

  • Our sourcing engine is powered by an intelligent technology ecosystem including AI-Assisted Search, Automated Screening, Chatbot based engagement, and other tools.
  • 1. Intelligent technology echo system- AI Assisted Search, Automated Screening, Chatbot based engagement, etc.
  • 2. Certified Sourcing experts
  • 3. Powerful combination of inbound and outbound recruiting efforts

Engagement Model

  • All our recruiters are coached, mentored and certified by Diamondpick Recruitment Academy. The DP Sourcing Research Lab brings access to the best industry practices that enhance the enterprise’ ability to hire candidates with Niche and Hard To Hire skills.
  • 1. Dedicated sourcing teams
  • 2. Hybrid model approach – Onsite + Offsite
  • 3. On-demand scale up-scale down of sourcing capacity
  • 4. Seamless alignment with client’s businesses


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