Talent needs are as unique as the talent itself! Our bespoke Talent Advisory and Consulting Service is led by practitioner consultants who have a deep understanding of how the right talent builds lasting value in organizations and thus how talent and recruitment processes must be optimized, with a keen eye on the nature of the talent needs. We work closely with organizations to understand their business needs and help build their unique recruitment strategy, with an unwavering focus on optimizing critical metrics and enhancing overall productivity. Our approach is pragmatic and we always believe in a metrics-driven roadmap of recommendations. Along the way, we implement customized, high-touch solutions while advising you on the most optimal ways to initiate and manage change within the recruiting teams.

Key Areas Of Consulting:

  • 1. Source Mix & Cost-Per-Hire Optimization
  • 2. Talent Acquisition Capability Model Design
  • 3. Talent Acquisition Strategic Leadership
  • 4. Candidate Experience & Journey Maps
  • 5. Recruitment Process Reengineering
  • 6. Recruitment Metrics & Analytics

Our Offering & Capabilities

  • 1. Are you looking to optimize recruiting processes and bring your talent acquisition function closer to talent markets?
  • 2. Do you want organizational data and market intel to form the foundation of your strategic talent decisions?
  • 3. Do you want to implement the best-in-class talent processes across the talent pipeline?


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