Contingent Staffing is today a business reality. With the growing scale in this flexible workforce, there is now a need to consolidate the contingent workforce programs within an enterprise. When planned holistically, Contingent Staffing solutions can provide enterprises with a robust and responsive supply chain that leverages the best talent for the best requirement. Our MSP talent solutions provide enterprises not only broader access to talent, but also better process compliance, governance and control along with enhanced visibility into talent spends and hiring trends.

We Believe The Future Of The Workforce Lies In Integrated Thinking

  • 1. One of the key challenges faced by organizations in contingent staffing is managing regulatory compliance and standardization of processes in a multi-supplier environment. Our comprehensive MSP and Contingent Staffing Service is aimed at achieving a high degree of regulatory compliance with constant focus on spend optimization and scale. Whether it is enhancing quality of talent, improving insights on spend or establish a uniform billing process across suppliers, our MSP solution offers just the right features to meet the organizational talent needs.
  • 2. We have significant experience in managing large and complex MSP programs across a diverse set of customers. Our typical scope includes managing the entire lifecycle of an organization’s contingent workforce program including regulatory compliance, reporting, supplier selection/management, order management, billing, onboarding, contract management, etc..

Core Offerings and Solutions Scope

  • 1. Contingent Workforce Management
  • 2. Services Procurement Management
  • 3. Recruitment Vendor Management
  • 4. Integrated Resource Fulfillment


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