Employer branding is a crucial part of the talent equation which not only helps attract, hire and retain the preferred talent, but also reinforces the company culture and inspires the desired behaviour among employees. With its inherent ability to turn transactions into connections, and connections into relationships, Employer & Talent Branding is the most authentic connect between the organization and its talent.

Our Offering & Capabilities

  • 1. Our approach to Employer and Talent Branding is based on matching the organization’s employment philosophy with the candidate/employee’s aspirations, needs and growth goals. We use research, data, workshops and insights to derive the Employment Value Proposition of the organization and articulate it to the various Talent pools in a manner that is relatable, appealing and authentic.

  • 2. We bring brand strategy, candidate experience management and clear messaging together, to help our clients become employers of choice.


Technology Service
1. Career Website optimization
2. Social Channel Integration
Creative & Branding Solutions
1. Social Channel Integration
2. Career Videos,Culture videos
3. Company Culture and Core Values Propositions
4. Pre-onboarding collateral
5. Market Research and Sentiment Analysis
Digital & Social Media Solutions
1. Job Promotions
2. Talent Attraction Compaigns
3. Social Media Branding
4. Employer Brand Activations


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